So, you’re looking at a pair of gorgeous diamond stud earrings that dazzle you to the point that you’re about to put them on your wish list for the holidays. And then you get a look at the price tag and have a little heart attack—they’re $5,000! You might be disheartened by that, but have no fear, diamond stud lover! We here at MILANJ Diamonds are here to give you a few tips so that you can confidently search for a pair of earrings that you love without having to break the bank while you’re doing it.


Diamond weight is measured in carats. You may have heard the word before, but for clarification, 1 carat is exactly 0.2 grams. A 5-carat diamond, then, would be 1 gram. There aren’t a lot of things we measure solely in grams, so that may not seem like a lot, but weight doesn’t equal area. A 5-carat round-cut diamond should have a diameter of 11 millimeters. About half an inch. And remember that gem-quality diamonds get rarer as the stone gets bigger, which means that a big diamond is going to cost a lot more, regardless of the quality!

But thanks to the standardization of the carat scale around certain milestones, like 0.25 carat, 0.5 carat, 1 carat, and so on, diamonds that fall outside those milestones—even slightly—are steeply discounted. When searching for diamonds for your stud earrings, try looking for a 0.98 carat diamond instead of a 1 carat; or a 0.49 carat instead of a 0.5 carat.


Because cuts create the facets in diamonds, uncovering their inner fire and ability to reflect light properly, a well-cut diamond is going to be more valuable than one whose dimensions are off. Also, not every cut is equal. Even a perfect Asscher-cut diamond is going to sparkle less than a less-than-perfect round-cut diamond, simply because of the facet placement.

If shape, internal traits, or other aspects are more important than raw sparkle and fire, you may prefer a less expensive cut, such as emerald-cut, oval-cut, Asscher-cut, and cushion-cut diamonds. If you’re dead-set on setting your studs with round-cut or heart-cut diamonds, try aiming for a smaller carat!

Color & Clarity

We’re rolling the last two C’s together because they have a similar impact on the price of your diamond: Yellow discoloration and inclusions like spotting and cracking have an inverse effect on the price of the stones. In other words, as discoloration and inclusions increase, the price goes down and vice-versa. If you’re looking for perfectly white, flawless diamonds, you’re going to be paying for them.

However, if you’re willing to give up a little color and clarity in return for 2-carat round-cut diamonds, you may be able to cut a few figures off the final price tag of your diamond stud earrings.

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