Does any other Jeweler offer you this?

One Year Free Milanj Policy - "365 Day Ultimate Guarantee"

Unmatched by any competitor. During your first year of ownership of a diamond engagement ring purchased in store, Milanj will replace your diamond free of charge in case of:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Breakage
  • Other damages

120 Day Value Guarantee

Milanj Diamonds stands behind the value of your purchase and guarantees that value for 120 days from the date of purchase.

Free Written Appraisal

Your purchase will come with a FREE written appraisal for you to submit to your insurance company.

365 Day Exchange period

Within 365 days of the purchase date you may, for any reason, exchange your diamond engagement ring for another diamond engagement ring of equal value.

365 Day Workmanship Warranty

We provide workmanship warranty that applies to all merchandise not covered by a manufacturer's warranty and includes free repair or replacement of any defective item due to manufacturer's workmanship.

Lifetime Mounting

Each mounting is guaranteed against all defects in material or workmanship for the life of the original owner; reasonable wear and deterioration excluded. Should a defect or problem arise with the manufacturing of the product, merely return the mounting and diamond, and it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

Lifetime trade-in privilege

The original owner will be allowed 110% of the value of the diamond towards the purchase price of any diamond engagement ring of equal additional value, providing your diamond is undamaged and there are no missing pieces. The value is determined by the purchase price shown on the original receipt. No taxes are recoverable. Due to wear, mounting will be accepted as part of the trade-in and will be valued at the price of gold or platinum at the time of trade-in.

Lifetime Cleaning and inspection

Your diamond can be brought into our store at any time for a free cleaning and inspection. You may take advantage of the free cleaning and inspection as often as you wish, without restrictions.

Lifetime Appraisal Service

Your insurance company may want an updated appraisal due to changes in the diamond market. Upon your request, we will provide an updated appraisal of your diamond jewelry that has been purchased from Milanj Diamonds at no charge.

365 Day Warranty on all repairs

We guarantee all parts and workmanship or repairs to your diamond or gemstone for a period of 365 days after you receive the repaired item, and will perform additional repairs free of charge. Proof of initial repair is required. This is only valid for the quality of the repair itself, not for any damage incurred by the piece’s owner.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Milanj Diamonds has a tradition of zero-tolerance toward conflict diamonds. By relying on measures such as the United Nation's Kimberley Process- which tracks diamonds globally from mine to market- The United Nations, and other non-governmental organizations, Milanj takes every measure to ensure the prevention of the trade of illegal diamonds.

At Milanj Diamonds, we only purchase diamonds from reputable suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All diamonds from Milanj Diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free. If one of our suppliers were to be found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately sever that relationship. We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade.

Diamonds are mined throughout the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. Diamonds are a major source of revenue in many nations, employing and providing access to healthcare otherwise not available to many. For more information on this issue, please visit DiamondFacts.org.