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Designer Spotlight on Carlex: Bridal Jewelry for the Modern Couple

March 4th, 2019

Designer Spotlight on Carlex: Bridal Jewelry for the Modern Couple

Bridal jewelry happens to be one of our greatest passions here at MILANJ Diamonds. One of our favorite designers for the spring 2019 wedding season has to be Carlex; the daringly different brand is one we cannot recommend highly enough. Timeless, elegant, and irresistible, their work is the stuff of dreams.

If you’re looking for a wedding band with the longevity of an heirloom and the vitality of contemporary style, you will find everything you need in our Carlex collection.

The Brand with it All

Carlex is one of those designers that can seemingly do no wrong. Their offerings all carry with them an undeniable sense of opulent importance. This may have something to do with their exclusive manufacturing process – it takes nearly a week to create any single one of their pieces. Technique is hardly the only notable attribute characterizing the rings they produce, however – the most compelling aspect of their work has got to be the look they capture with each one.

Carlex wedding bands are definitively luxurious; they’re exactly what one would expect to find on the fingers of the rich and famous. The aesthetic standard each piece is held to surpasses anything you’re likely to find generically in a department store – every ring truly feels handcrafted for you.

Carlex Wedding Bands at MILANJ Diamonds

The selection of Carlex wedding bands in our catalog for both ladies and gents has plenty to offer even the choosiest couple; this has a lot to do with the wide range of styles the collections they produce cover.

Carlex G1 Series Wedding Bands

The G1 series is the height of over-the-top extravagance. The blingy wedding bands to be found here are beyond comparison.

Carlex G2 Collection Wedding Bands

The industrial look of the wedding bands from their G2 collection give a mechanical edge to the pieces featured, the perfect humbling accent for a gentleman with a taste for finery without the pretense.

Carlex G3 Wedding Bands

Carlex’s G3 wedding bands are the ultimate power statement for the woman in charge. They’re feminine without the wimpy daintiness typically associated with women’s wedding rings.

Carlex G4 Series Wedding Bands

The Carlex G4 series is a graphic deviation from the rest of their wares – their deceptively bare outer bands are lined within with bold hidden messages, imbibing meaning without coming across as too flashy. You can even customize with your anniversary.

Carlex Sport Collection Wedding Bands

Finally, we present the Carlex Sport collection, one of the most compelling we sell at Milanj. Many of these intriguing wedding bands feature striking black cobalt, contrasting the more traditional precious metals augmenting their designs.

Shop Carlex and More with the Help of Our Bridal Jewelry Experts

The classic Carlex wedding rings showcased in this article just barely scratch the surface – there’s plenty more where these came from, and we’ll be happy to share the rest for those seeking more.

The fact of the matter is, we’re just as excited about your wedding as you are. Stop by our shop in the King of Prussia Mall for the full disclosure on everything we offer in bridal jewelry and more.