Minimalist Bracelets: This Season’s Must-Have Jewelry Trend

January 7th, 2019

Minimalist Bracelets: This Season’s Must-Have Jewelry Trend

Today, the minimalist bracelet is all the rage. It's not loud, yet it says so much. The way it swings loosely from the wrist, giving just the right ladylike touch, is lovable—admirable. It is the perfect balance between prettiness and conservatism.

Every day is not necessarily a party or a royal ball, so it’s completely fine to take a down-to-earth, relatable approach to your look, say, with minimalist jewelry, which goes with most anything. All you have to do is slip into your favorite stonewashed jeans, casual slacks or leggings, and complementary top, and go.

Roman and Jules Cuff Bracelet

Its form and design exude intricacy. Pavé diamonds crisscross this way and that, bending at just the right place. Its structure is most suitable for evening or night adornment. The unforgettable cut of the bracelet stands out quite noticeably, cuffing your wrist or lower arm beautifully. It’s all about the shape.

Roman and Jules Cross Bracelet

Roman and Jules Cross Bracelet

Despite its effortlessness commands the eye. Its charisma is wholly evident. Perhaps it’s the foxtail chain or the cross-shaped charm, which is decked out in prong-arranged diamonds and turned sideways. 14K rose gold gives this bracelet a pretty tinge of color. The pinkish-gold nuances show up magnificently on any skin complexion. This can be worn anywhere, from a night out on the town with friends to church on Sunday morning. This is versatility at its absolute finest.

Roman and Jules Fashion Label Cuff

MILANJ Diamonds Tennis Bracelet JBR054

Milanj Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

Minimal it may be, but this bracelet is utterly riveting as well. It can be sported formally or informally. Diamonds and platinum combine for a garish and ritzy finish. Ovoid stones create a richer and overall bigger and wider appearance. The box clasp is low-profile and goes fittingly with the showy bracelet. As a whole, its exterior piques interest and fascination.

MILANJ Diamonds Bracelet

Milanj Diamond White Gold Bracelet

18-karat white gold metal undergirds flawless-looking diamonds that nestle themselves brilliantly inside of strategically placed round and marquise stones. Prong and pavé settings and box clasp make for a polished and unusually refined finish. The piece oozes sophistication and elegance. Its interior has a trinket-like mien. One way or another, you will shine in this bracelet.

Finding the Perfect Minimalist Bracelet at MILANJ Diamonds

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