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Milanj Diamonds July Newsletter

June 29th, 2016

"For more than 2000 years, cultures throughout the world have highly desired rubies for their brilliance and their vibrant, intense red color. This fiery gem, however, is valued for more than just its stunning beauty. Over the centuries, folklore has credited the exquisite ruby with many mystical powers. As a symbol of enduring love,rubies are believed to enhance one's powers of seduction and virility, and ensure everlasting passion. Warriors have worn rubies into battle for their properties of protection, courage and strength. Carrying rubies into battle is believed to lead to victory. In the movie "Wizard of Oz" ruby slippers protected Dorothy from evil forces.

For centuries, royalty has emphasized their ruling status by wearing the crimson gems in their crowns, jewelry and vestments. They have also worn rubies to enhance their wisdom when faced with crucial decisions, especially regarding financial matters. A ruby amulet, pendant or charm is believed to bestow harmony, success, emotional balance, and contentment to its wearer. 

The Ruby stimulates the heart Chakra and improves blood circulation. Worn by Kings, cherished the world-over, and the ultimate symbol of love and passion, the ruby has a distinctive history. Whether you believe in its mystical powers or simply love the mesmerizing deep-red color, the ruby is a truly magical gem. 

Technical Facts: Rubies are graded first by their intense color then by the brilliance and sparkle. The most prized colors for the ruby range from medium-red to dark-red with or often  called as "pigeon's blood. Rated 9 on the Mohs scale rubies are second in hardness to diamond."