Newsletter - July

July 13th, 2016

"Engagement rings are prehistoric.It is believed that cavemen symbolized their commitment to their mate by tying colors of grass around their wrists, ankles and waist. Diamonds used to be weighed against seeds. For centuries the seeds of the carobs tree were used as the standard for weighing precious stones, which is where we get the term "carat". Diamonds are created under extreme conditions. It would take the pressure of the Eiffel Tower on your fingertip to create a diamond.You can think of a volcano for your ring. Without a volcanic eruption, your diamond would still be in the center of the Earth. Diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth, so only a diamond can be used to mechanically cut or polish another diamond. Your diamond can crack! Despite diamonds being the hardest natural substance, they can be chipped or cracked by a heavy blow. The cut of the diamond is the only aspect that can be changed by a human. The weight, color and clarity are all up to nature. Diamonds as small as one-one hundredth of a carat can still have the same number of facets (57) as a one carat diamond. Diamonds are available in almost any color. A diamond's color comes from different growth conditions that may occur during their formation under the earth's surface. Your diamond can do good! In 1966 when diamonds were discovered in Botswana, there were only three secondary schools. Today, because of the diamond business there are more than 300!."

Gerry Landsberg, 3rd Generation Jeweler and Designer / Milanj Diamonds  (ref. The Knot & Gerry's own knowledge)